April 13, 2024

Argentina’s president, Milei announces split with actress girlfriend

Argentina’s president, Milei announces split with actress girlfriend

Argentine President Javier Milei, who is traveling in the United States, announced on X that he is breaking up with his girlfriend.

He had dated the actress Fatima Florez since his 2023 election campaign last summer.

The two had been seen together as recently as Wednesday, when they were photographed while leaving a synagogue in southern Florida. Milei, who is Catholic but has expressed deep interest in Judaism, recently revealed that he had a Jewish ancestor.

In a post late Friday on X, Milei described the breakup as amicable, writing that “we decided to end our relationship and maintain a bond of friendship, given how we feel about each other and how much we love, respect and admire each other.”

He said Florez had received numerous job offers in the United States and Europe and that, given the demands of his presidency, the two had had to live separately, making a normal relationship difficult.

Earlier Friday, the libertarian Argentine leader met with billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk at a Tesla plant in Texas. The two posed together flashing thumbs-up signs and vowed to “defend the ideas of freedom.”