April 25, 2024

Agritech firm, others partner to boost animal health, productivity

By Gabriel Ewepu, Abuja

A leading agritech company, Farm Alert disclosed partnership with Lenco (YC W22) and Ure Microfinance Bank dedicated to boosting animal health and productivity in the livestock subsector.

This was made known by the Chief Executive Officer, Farm Alert, Dr Femi Kayode in a statement indicating that the partnership was basically launching a revolutionary product loan product that will address a critical challenge in the Nigerian animal health sector: access to capital.

According to Kayode, there is registration, which veterinarians interested in the programme will register as Farm Alert partners, while for the Credit Line, once registered, partners will be granted a credit line based on their assessment.

Meanwhile on Product Access, partners can visit any of the distribution centers and access animal health products on credit within their approved limit, and there is Flexible Repayment plan, which the product loan offers flexible repayment terms to ease the financial burden on veterinarians.

He further explained that Transforming Animal Health Delivery, serves as the groundbreaking initiative that has the potential to transform animal health delivery in Nigeria, by removing financial barriers, Farm Alert is ensuring what it calls Timely Treatment; Veterinarians can now respond swiftly to animal health needs, leading to improved outcomes and reduced livestock losses.

Also, there is Boosted Productivity; Healthy animals translate to increased productivity for farmers, contributing to food security and economic growth. Empowered Veterinarians; The programme empowers veterinarians to grow their practices and provide better care for animals.

He said: “Together, we are launching a revolutionary product loan product that will address a critical challenge in the Nigerian animal health sector: access to capital.

“The Challenge: Limited Capital, Limited Access; Veterinarians and other animal health professionals across Nigeria often face financial constraints that hinder their ability to provide essential services to farmers and pet owners. The lack of readily available capital prevents them from stocking up on crucial drugs, vaccines, and other animal health products, leading to delayed treatment, reduced animal productivity, and the potential spread of diseases.

“The Solution: Product Credit for Improved Accessibility; The new product loan product from Farm Alert offers a timely and innovative solution. Veterinarians registered as partners with Farm Alert can now access product credit from our distribution centers – Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, and Kano. This empowers them to immediately obtain the necessary drugs and vaccines to treat animals, regardless of their immediate financial resources.

“This partnership with Lenco and Ure Microfinance Bank marks a significant milestone in our mission to make animal health accessible to all in Nigeria. By addressing the critical issue of capital constraints, we are empowering veterinarians to provide the essential services that farmers and pet owners rely on.”