April 13, 2024

2024 UTME: What students need to do before, during JAMB exam

JAMB releases 2024 UTME results

The 2024 Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB)/Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) exam will hold between April 19th and 29th, 2024.

As a student planning to sit for JAMB/UTME exam, you should be done with the registration by now which was extended to April 11.

In this article, there are practical steps to follow before and during the UTME exam which will help you excel.

1. Know the cut-off mark

You should be aware of the required JAMB cut-off mark and choose the desired score for your respective course and school. To achieve a high score in JAMB, it is pertinent to determine the average JAMB cut-off mark needed for your desired course and institution. 

This score can be determined from the normal JAMB cut-off mark for JAMB (140), which will qualify you for post-UTME and merit admission. It is essential to research and write down this average score to determine the minimum mark you should work towards.

Knowing this would help you to put your mind into the exam by setting clear goals for yourself that you want to meet the cut-off mark for JAMB or surpass it.

For example, if you want to study mass communication, and target 320 in JAMB, you can accomplish that by setting your mind on scoring 80 in English, 80 in Litertaure-in-English, 90 in Government, and 70 in CRK/IRK depending on your subject.

2. Have a study plan and reading timetable

Another practical guide to help you excel as a student sitting for UTME is to improve your learning by creating a study plan and reading timetable for yourself. 

This will help you manage your time effectively and efficiently as a student. You must reflect on previous performances and methods of preparation for different subjects. You must know your strengths and weaknesses in all subjects, and devote appropriate time for them to have success.

Make a time chart of your present activities and record details about your daily routine, including when you get up, go to bed, do your chores, work, and go out, to help you design a customised study plan. 

3. Go through JAMB past questions 

It is essential that you go through JAMB past questions to help you familiarise yourself with the patterns in order to study efficiently. Since objective questions can be determined from the provided alternatives, they are simpler to prepare for. 

As a student writing UTME, you must understand the typical formats in which they pose questions. This might assist in determining where to concentrate more, for instance, if JAMB has assigned more questions in courses like physics or chemistry that involve calculation than theory.

Geometry, trigonometry, statistics, matrices, and differentiation are among the topics covered most frequently in mathematics, according to computer analysis of previous problems. Lexicography and structural questions are more prevalent in English language classes, whereas organic compound questions consistently rank well in chemistry classes. 

You must know all these patterns by going through JAMB past questions for at least the last 15 editions.

4. Study according to the JAMB syllabus

It is expedient to know that studying according to the JAMB syllabus is one the best practical steps to help you excel in writing UTME. Every exam has a specific topic, and the examiners anticipate that candidates will be familiar with relevant material. 

Examiners ask forty questions on each topic, except for sixty in the English Language. Use exam-focused texts and previous question research methods under the JAMB syllabus to maximise your study time. 

5. Solve at least 10 years of JAMB past questions 

To succeed in the JAMB exam, you must study the syllabus several times, modify your study schedule according to the period you have left, and be dedicated to excellent studying.

Since JAMB has been administering exams since the 1970s, its question bank ought to have run out by now. Having known this, you will succeed in the exam by reviewing and solving at least 10 years past questions as you prepare.

In achieving this, use reliable sample questions, read textbooks and past questions, and make sure you understand the questions’ solutions if you want to succeed. You must concentrate on understanding the answers to the questions and consult textbooks for any questions you are unsure of.

6. Practice at least one timed JAMB CBT Software test daily for two weeks before the exam

A timed test lets you practice your accuracy and speed and is comparable to the actual JAMB exam. To get ready, choose a previous year and complete four topics’ worth of JAMB prior questions. Try to finish in the two hours that JAMB allocates for the exam. It would be an advantage for you if you select years that you have not experienced.

7. Be mentally fit for the exam

The most important thing you have to be sure of is being mentally ready for the JAMB exam.

You should shrug off all stress and doubts, and wear confidence as you prepare for the UTME exam.

See yourself as confident, well-prepared, and successful as you play out the exam scenario in your head. This can be accomplished by finding a peaceful area, closing your eyes, and acting out the entire exam day, from arriving at the exam center to gathering your materials, writing the exam, and departing. 

Breathe deeply and slowly while listening to it in your head until you feel at ease. This is an optional step, but the only reason to do it is to prepare your mind to take the exam with composure when it comes around. This aids in confidence-building and stress management as tests get closer.

Finally, make sure you have all the writing materials for your JAMB UTME ready. If possible, do not use them for preparations, but make sure you have tested them to ascertain they are in good shape. Also, it will be advisable if you have spare materials to make everything double.

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