March 2, 2024

Solomon Buchi blasts Asake for disrespecting Christianity over ‘Only Me’ video

Solomon Buchi blasts Asake for disrespecting Christianity over ‘Only Me’ video

Social media personality and writer, Solomon Buchi, has joined Nigerians who slammed popular Nigerian singer, Asake, over his new ‘Only Me’ video.

Asake, with real name Ahmed Ololade, released snippets of his latest video during the week and the work has been widely criticised among Christians for disrespecting the Christian faith.

In the video, the Grammy-nominee artiste was seen in a priestly robe, and performing a kind of sacrament-like function with men and women in the worship house who also dressed in the same manner.

He sat as a priest and appeared to be serving gold-like financial resources to the team of men and women in the robes, until dollars were sprayed after a while.

Reacting to the video via Instagram, Buchi said performing in such a manner in the video that has no link with Christianity is “disrespectful.”

“Asake keeps disrespecting the Christian faith in his music videos. Dramatizing giving the Eucharist, robed up in priestly regalia for a music video that has no connection with Christianity is disrespectful,” Buchi wrote.

“In his Bandana video, he depicts black goats troping into the church, with cloven tongues of fire above weird men. Asake, I think, is a Muslim. Why doesn’t he go above and beyond to embarrass his Muslim faith in this same way?

“Why do Christians even listen to these musicians who bluntly disrespect Christianity?

“It disgusts me how these musicians use Christianity as a prop for their videos. Beyond that, it remains for optical purposes.”