March 26, 2024

Rukayat Alabi, CEO of RKY Careers, UK Ed-Tech, Accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Rukayat Alabi, CEO of RKY Careers, UK Ed-Tech, Accepted into Forbes Coaches Council

Rukayat Alabi, the esteemed CEO of RKY Careers, a leading Ed-Tech company based in the UK, has been accepted into the prestigious Forbes Coaches Council. The Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only exclusive community that gathers top-tier business and career coaches from around the globe.

Rukayat’s selection into the council comes from her extensive experience and profound impact as a career coach and CEO of RKY Careers. Over the years, she has guided and empowered thousands of professionals, enabling them to navigate the intricate landscape of the global job market and secure coveted positions in their respective fields.

Scott Gerber, the founder of Forbes Councils, which encompasses the Forbes Coaches Council, expressed his honour in welcoming Rukayat into the community. He emphasized the council’s mission to unite accomplished leaders from diverse industries, fostering a network driven by social capital that facilitates professional growth and enhances impact on the business world.

As a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, Rukayat will gain access to an array of exclusive opportunities tailored to amplify her professional influence. Additionally, she will have the privilege to share her expertise in Capacity building, Professional development and Skill development and collaborate with esteemed Global leaders within a private setting, further enriching her expertise and network.

In response to this remarkable achievement, Rukayat Alabi shared her profound gratitude, stating, “I’m deeply honoured to be welcomed and admitted into the Forbes Coaches Council, which serves as an unparalleled platform for globally-respected leading coaches worldwide.”

Reflecting on her vast experience, Rukayat highlighted her dedication to empowering professionals to transition into the tech industry and excel in the global job market, including securing coveted opportunities such as visa sponsorship jobs.

Rukayat Alabi’s acceptance into the Forbes Coaches Council underscores her unwavering commitment to excellence and her significant contributions to career development and coaching. As she embarks on this new chapter, she remains steadfast in her mission to drive positive change and empower professionals worldwide.

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