March 1, 2024

Our survival uncertain without pension scheme – ASUU tells Gov Kefas

Our survival uncertain without pension scheme – ASUU tells Gov Kefas

Gov Kefas Agbu

By Femi Bolaji

The Taraba State University, Jalingo, chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), has cried out to Taraba state governor, Dr. Agbu Kefas, regarding the uncertain future of its members who are under the state government’s payroll but are not enrolled in any pension scheme. 

ASUU expressed worry that this insecurity is gradually affecting its members and may lead to the loss of top talents to other institutions if not addressed. 

Chairperson of Taraba Varsity ASUU, Dr. Garba Joshua, spoke at a briefing in Jalingo, the state capital, on Thursday.

He highlighted the non-payment of earned academic allowance since 2014 and the backlog of salaries as additional sources of concern for the union members. 

According to him, “I address you today with grave concern regarding the absence of a pension scheme at Taraba State University.

“This critical issue demands immediate attention as it affects the welfare and livelihoods of our esteemed academic community. Of particular concern is the plight of the families of our deceased members.

“Without a pension scheme in place, these families are left to navigate the challenges of financial insecurity and uncertainty on their own.

“This is unacceptable situation that highlights the urgent need for action. “The absence of a pension scheme not only fails to provide long-term security for our members but also undermines their sense of stability and confidence in their future.

“This lack of assurance can have detrimental effects on morale, productivity, and overall satisfaction within our organization.

“We strongly believe that implementing a robust pension scheme is essential not only for the well-being of our members but also for the sustainable growth and success of TSU in the long run.

“Such a scheme would not only demonstrate our commitment to the welfare of our members but also attract and retain top talent, fostering a more positive and productive work environment.

“We kindly request the attention of His Excellency in addressing this pressing issue. “It is with deep concern that we bring to the public’s attention the excruciating pains and hardships that our members are currently enduring due to the prolonged delay in receiving their withheld salaries.

“As each day passes without the payment of these outstanding salaries, the financial strain on our members intensifies, pushing them further into distress and uncertainty.

“Furthermore, we must emphasize that the continual delay in salary disbursements has resulted in a significant loss of value for the money owed to our members.

“As inflation rates rise and the cost of living increases, the purchasing power of their salaries diminishes, exacerbating their financial struggles and undermining their ability to meet their basic needs.

“We implore the Visitor to Taraba State University to urgently address this critical issue and expedite the payment of the backlog of salaries owed to our members.

“It is also with great concern that we bring to your attention the prolonged delay in the payment of EAA, which has created significant discontent and frustration among our members.

“The non-payment of these allowances not only undermines the commitment and dedication of our academic staff but also poses a threat to the overall industrial harmony within our educational institution.

“The Earned Academic Allowances are an integral component of our members’ remuneration package, and their non-payment has caused undue financial hardship and uncertainty for those who have diligently earned these allowances over the years.

“Furthermore, the accumulation of these unpaid allowances since 2014 has only exacerbated the grievances and discontent among our academic staff.

“We urge government to take decisive action to address this pressing issue and prioritize the prompt payment of the outstanding Earned Academic Allowances owed to our members.”

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Dr. Joshua further called on the state government to address the backlog of promotion arrears and expedite the construction of perimeter fencing around the institution for the overall well-being of its members. 

He also urged the governor to prioritize these pressing issues to ensure the welfare and livelihoods of its members.

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