March 10, 2024

I was paid N10,000 for my first movie role — Rita Dominic

I was paid N10,000 for my first movie role — Rita Dominic

Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has revealed that she was paid the sum of N10,000 for her first movie role.

Rita Dominic made this revelation in a recent interview with Joy 99.7 FM in Ghana. 

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When asked about the lowest amount she has ever received for a movie role, she said, “The first film I did, the filmmaker paid me N35,000. But he owed me N25,000 for how many months. In fact, he didn’t even pay me the balance. He paid me only N10,000.”

The actress said when she started acting, Nollywood wasn’t lucrative but she was driven by her passion.

She said “I just wanted to be an actor. And to be honest, there was no money in Nollywood back then. We were just doing it for passion. We have the passion for the art which was what fuelled us.

“It was very challenging. But we just kept doing it until the industry got bigger and bigger. And obviously, the pay became much better.”

Rita Dominic is multiple award-winning actress, producer, and Co-Founder of The Audrey Silva Company.

Her first starring role was in the Nollywood hit movie A Time To Kill. Since then, she has become known for her ability to thoroughly embody characters and continues to receive critical acclaim for her portrayal of iconic roles.

The youngest of four children, Rita was born into the Royal Waturuocha family of Aboh Mbaise.

Rita started acting in local television dramas at the age of 5 and graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a BA in Theatre Arts (Acting) before joining the Nigerian film industry in 1998.

Rita is best known for her roles in the groundbreaking films “76”, The Meeting and Shattered for which she won several prestigious Awards.

She is the only actress to have won the AMVCAs Best Actress award in both the Drama and Comedy categories. She is also the only West African actress to have won Kenya’s Kalasha Awards.

Regarded as one of Africa’s biggest movie stars, CNN describes her as a ‘Silver screen icon’, “embodying a range of colorful characters”.

Rita was just recently appointed by the Afrexim Bank to be an IATF Goodwill Ambassador. She has been the face or Ambassador of several global brands in Nigeria.