March 2, 2024

‘I built my house and created space for my grave’, old video of Sisi Quadri emerges

Sisi quadri

Following the death of popular Nollywood comic actor, Oyebamiji Tolani Quadri, a.k.a ‘Sisi Qaudri’, an old video where he revealed he built his house and dug his grave has surfaced.

In November 2020, Quadri revealed in a post on Instagram that he’s a proud home owner while thanking God for the success.

He wrote: “Thank you God, for always helping me out and giving me the patience to deal with everything. Without you, life has no meaning. To all my fans and family I sincerely appreciate you all for your support….God did this for me …Congratulations to me.”

In a surprising disclosure, Sisi Quadri revealed in an old video that he purchased land, constructed his house, and even dug his own grave on the property, citing the uncertainty of when death may arrive.

He also stated that he is not one of those actors whom people would gather around to decide where to bury him when he dies.

Speaking in Yoruba, he said, “God has blessed me with a profession with which I built a house that people will appreciate. 

“I’m not an actor that will die, and people will contribute money to bury him.

“When I built my house, I also created a space for my grave, because I’m not certain when death will come knocking.”

The actor was laid to rest in Iwo, Osun State.