March 5, 2024

Daurawa reconciles with Gov. Yusuf, returns as Hisbah commander

Daurawa reconciles with Gov. Yusuf, returns as Hisbah commander

By Bashir Bello

KANO — Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of Kano State and the Commander General of Kano State Hisbah Board, Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa have reconciled after the outburst.

Daurawa confirmed the reconciliation in a post on his Facebook timeline on Monday night.

The reconciliation meeting which took place at the Kano State government house was at the instance of the Governor.

The Hisbah Commander is to return to his seat on Tuesday.

According to reports, “Zauren Hadin Kan Malamai”—a group of esteemed Islamic clerics—was dispatched to Daurawa in order to appease him and allow him to resume his leadership role over Hisbah.

The Speaker, Kano State House of Assembly, Jibril Falgore and the Chief Imam of National Mosque, Abuja, Sheikh Ibrahim Maqari were equally sent by the government to meet him.

Recall Governor Yusuf had criticized the board’s “operation kau da badala” strategy, which sought to combat immorality in the state.

Less than 24 hours following the governor’s criticism, Daurawa resigned, sparking a flurry of public outrage and criticism.

The meeting on Monday was apparently called because the governor was upset over the matter.