February 29, 2024

UK plans to provide parachutes to help with Gaza aid drops

UK plans to provide parachutes to help with Gaza aid drops

Jordan and Bahrain have asked Britain to supply parachutes to enable more aid deliveries to the war-torn Gaza Strip and London has agreed, the British Foreign Office said on Thursday.

“Together with our international partners, we will continue to get humanitarian aid to those most in need,” the ministry wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

It also posted pictures showing parcels being loaded onto an aeroplane.

Israel’s army announced on Wednesday that aid supplies for the residents of the southern Gaza Strip had been dropped from the air in cooperation with the United States.

This has happened in France and several Arab countries over the past few days.

Aid packages attached to parachutes were also dropped from aeroplanes in the North of the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening, according to Palestinian security sources.

Eyewitnesses reported that the boxes contained rice, pasta and beans.

According to Palestinian sources, the deliveries were coordinated between the Israeli army and several Arab countries.

The UN has said that dropping humanitarian aid was a last resort.

The supply flights are associated with technical difficulties and enormous costs.

However, in view of the disastrous humanitarian situation in Gaza, the UN is not ruling out the possibility of supplying more than two million people by air.

UN figures showed that the amount of aid deliveries halved in February compared to the previous month.

UN officials warn that thousands of civilians could die of starvation.

The aid organisations say that Lorries carrying relief supplies are being looted time and again.