February 29, 2024

Nigeria’s leaders selfish, parochial – Cleric


Nigerian Flag

By Chinedu Adonu

Clergyman, Rev. Canon Jackson Chukwuekezie Ezialor has said that the problem bedevilling Nigeria’s progress is selfishness, sycophancy and parochialism.

According to Ezialor, things are not moving well in Nigeria because Nigeria’s leaders are selfish and their advisers are sycophants and would not tell them the truth.

The man of God dropped the bombshell on Thursday in Enugu at a lecture he delivered on Leadership during the February leadership forum organised by Daniel Ukwu Leadership and Mentorship Foundation, DULF, held at Coal City Chapel Fellowship, Ogui Road Enugu.

To get Nigeria working, the lecturer said that our leaders should do away with selfishness, sycophancy and parochialism.

“Leadership is selflessness.  What we need to change Nigeria starts with us.  In the midst of poverty, we have people that are stupendously rich 

“Selfishness is killing Nigeria.  If we want to solve this problem, we remove sycophancy and parochialism,” he said.

He said that a leader should be a servant and a slave but that if he leads well, it would lead him to greatness, pointing out that Nigeria needs proactive leadership that would make things  happen, not reactionary leaders that would follow events.

Ezialor noted that most Nigerian leaders tend to be ethnic minded instead of statism and broad-mindedness.

In his well address, the Founder of Daniel Ukwu Leadership Foundation, DULF, Daniel Ukwu said that leadership is simple and not difficult as some people view leadership.

Ukwu said that leaders should initiate things and not just watching things to unfold, pointing out that leaders in Nigeria should not be called leaders but managers.

“I don’t know if our leaders are solving problems or creating problems.  We had four refineries but now we have none,” he laments.

He also lamented that Nigerians today are paying dearly for their leaders inefficiency, pointing out that that is why there is price hike, lack of adequate Electricity and petrol being produced in Nigeria is costly.