February 21, 2024

Nigerian automobile company digitally connects car owners with service providers

Nigerian automobile company digitally connects car owners with service providers

By Elizabeth Osayande

The CEO/Founder, Carmedis, Franklin Anigbo, has launched a digital platform that seamlessly connect car owners with the nearest professional auto service providers in real-time. Carmedis, a company dedicated to transforming the auto repair landscape, leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance vehicle maintenance, longevity, and performance.

Speaking of the innovation, Anigbo noted that the groundbreaking service enable users to effortlessly locate and engage with nearby auto shops via their smartphones, enhancing the user experience with unparalleled ease.

“Carmedis’ innovative offerings is its proprietary app, equipped with advanced diagnostic features, which empowers car owners to conduct detailed vehicle diagnostics independently, with immediate results transmitted to Carmedis Automobile Workshop in real time.

“This streamlined process not only saves time but also ensures precise issue identification, preventive maintenance, and resolution, significantly elevating the service quality.

“In addition to addressing the rising demand for dependable and convenient auto care solutions, we are set to introduce a complimentary mobile-friendly OBD car scanner. This groundbreaking tool will offer real-time diagnostic data, empowering car owners with essential information for preventive maintenance and informed vehicle health decisions.

“Our vision is a safe, secure driving environment for all road users. With our innovative solutions, we aim to decrease accidents and save lives, marking a new chapter in auto care where technology meets safety,” added the Chief Technology Officer, Carmedis, Omotayo Ogunrinde.

On his part, the Chief Operating Officer, Schmidt Gehrad reiterated the company’s unwavering commitment to transforming the automotive service industry. Gehrad assured vehicle owners of Carmedis’s dedication to ensuring their vehicles’ optimal functionality and providing peace of mind.

“We integrate advanced technology, superior quality products, and unparalleled service excellence to ensure the optimal functionality of vehicles. Our services range from routine maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, tire rotations, fluid checks, and brake inspections, to more intricate repairs, including engine diagnostics, component replacements, and electrical system repairs.

“We also offer vehicle inspections, detailing, and aftermarket upgrades, all aimed at enhancing performance and extending the longevity of vehicles,” Gehrad explained.

With a fundraising achievement of $150,000 sourced from friends and family, Carmedis boasts alliances with over 100 esteemed partners within its expansive network with direct access to OEM and genuine and affordable parts.