February 26, 2024

Group Kicks over demand for Unilorin to be renamed After Alimi dynasty, others

By Demola Akinyemi, Ilorin

Controversy looms in Kwara State as Professionals and Intellectuals of like minds from Ibolo, Igbomina and Ekiti in the Southern part of the state, under the aegis of Kwara South Consultative Forum have rejected the  call by the natives of ilorin to among others  rename University of ilorin after Alimi dynasty.

It described the call as” unjust and unreasonable to impose a name that does not have a “State Wide Spread” on our collective inheritance.”

It would be recalled that The Ilorin Emirate Development Progressives Union(IEDPU), the umbrella body of all sons and daughters of Ilorin had last year December at a press briefing in Ilorin called for the renaming of University of Ilorin after the founder of Alimi dynasty, among others decisions which the Consultative Forum rejected. 

The elder statesman and  President of the body, Chief Joseph Aderibigbe who  berated members of  the IEDPU for their demands while addressing a press conference in Ilorin  further described the call  as not a thinkable and acceptable demand.

According to him, “Renaming of the University of Ilorin after the founder of the Alimi dynasty is highly provocative suggestion which is indifferent to the diversity and divergent history of the other ethnic groups in Kwara state” .

He said, “The fact that the University of Ilorin is located in Ilorin does not confer ownership on the city . The privilege of being the host community should not be misconstrued to mean exclusive ownership either.

“The entire Kwara state is the catchment area. Perhaps people in the states referred to in the IEDPU address are homogeneous and have a history that binds everyone together. The same cannot be said about Kwara South.”

The Socio Cultural body  also kicked against the call by the natives of Ilorin that directed the State government to direct all heads of government offices, captain of industries and Chairmen of the Five local governments in Ilorin Emirates to henceforth display the portrait of the Emir of ilorin alongside the official portraits of the President and Governor in the offices.

The Spokesperson and the elder statesman said,”To us,this is a joke carried too far.We find it difficult to fathom the rationale behind the bizzare suggestion.For the sake of clarity,the President and the Governor are elected public officers, chosen by the people to serve them for a specific period of time.

“Their portraits are therefore hanged as a mark of respect for their offices.While we hold the Emir in the highest esteem,we find it difficult to understand in what capacity his portraits should be hanged in public or private offices.”

On the move by the State government to further establish Kwara State University of Education, in ilorin,Chief Aderibigbe stated that, the College of Education, Oro has all what  its takes to  have the institution.

He stated that, ” College of Education, Oro is the first and oldest among the three Colleges of Education owned by the Kwara State Government. The College was proposed in 1974 and took off in 1978 as the College of Education, Oro- Ilorin before it finally moved to Oro in 1981.

“The College was established vide edict No 2 of 1978. This is the fact and contrary to the distortion of history being peddled in some quarters . It has the most stable academic calendar and environment.  It is the only College of Education among its peers in Kwara state that has not gone on strike in the past six/ seven years.

“Apart from this, the College is the only institution of its status with the largest number of functional infrastructural facilities. The College has over 60 buildings and offices which serve as modern lecture rooms, theatres and halls that are conducive and can support leaning and teaching activities.”

He however  said that, “Kwara South senatorial district is the only district that has no full fledged higher institution in the state and hence the state government should be just, fair and equity in the citing of the proposed University.”

In his closing remark, Chief Aderibigbe said,”We wish to emphasize once again that equity ,justice and fairness doctrines are instruments of political stability .We should not do anything by our actions and conduct to tamper with our resolve to perpetually live together in harmony.

“We wish to use this opportunity to appeal to our compatriots in Ilorin Emirates to let living together in peace, consideration for others,and fear of God rule their mindsets always.The attitude of winners take all has become anachronistic in this era of live and let live.”