February 22, 2024

ECS: We’re proud of service delivery, SERVICOM tells NSTIF

We didn’t reject 40% deduction of employers’ contributions by Finance Ministry — NSITF

By Victor AhiumaYoung

THE National Coordinator SERVICE COMPACT WITH ALL NIGERIANS, SERVICOM, Nnenna Akajemeli, has lauded the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund, NSITF, for entrenching quality service delivery as a cardinal element in the implementation of the Employees Compensation Scheme, ECS.

Akajemeli who made the commendation while on an advocacy visit to the Headquarters of the NSITF yesterday in Abuja, also lauded the management of the Fund for the concrete measures taken to re-position the agency in the last years. Stating that an optimally functioning SERVICOM Department in every organization is the fulcrum of efficient management, Akajemeli called for adequate training and equipping of SERVICOM staff for a resourceful discharge of duties.

In a statement by NSITF’s General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Nwachukwu Godson, Akajemeli said: “The SERVICOM unit is the foot soldier and the eyes of the management in all aspects of customer service and should therefore be given the needed tools for the delivery of target goals.

“The need to strengthen the capacity of the SERVICOM Unit and desk officers through SERVICOM Institute training to effectively carry out its functions in line with the NSITF’s mandate cannot be over-emphasized This will equip them with pre-requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes and ensure sustained service improvement. She equally lauded the NSITF for winning the 2024 NECA Award for Best Service Delivery. Earlier, the Managing Director of the NSITF, MaureenAllagoa, said the Fund prioritizes effective service delivery and customer satisfaction in its efforts to expand the frontiers of the Employees Compensation Scheme, noting that the agency has seventy functional SERVICOM desks across its regional and branch offices.

“We acknowledge fully that it takes a happy internal customer to make a satisfied external customer, which is why we prioritize our staff welfare to motivate them to go the extra mile for the satisfaction of our external customers. “We have achieved this much on service delivery through tenacious efforts and pursuits, fulfilling almost 100 percent of our customer service charter, while reviewing them to meet the desires and aspirations of our teaming customers.

“We are working to improve our processes with our ongoing digitalization and automation project, E-NSITF, andtheEmployerSelfService Portal, ESSP, which is aimed at improving the ease of doing business by enabling our customers to apply for our services from the comforts of their homes or offices using their mobile devices. This innovation will impact positively our certificate application process, claims processing, as well as the payment of contributions and other services.

“This would no doubt improve customer satisfaction and guarantee better, effective, result-oriented service delivery, which is the goal of Servicom.”

Allagoa added that as part of the Fund’s 2024 strategic direction, plans have been concluded for the creation of new branches and service centers to bring services closer to the customers, noting that “this will improve customer satisfaction and guarantee better, effective, result oriented service delivery which is the goal SERVICOM. A cross section of university workers protesting withheld salaries and other benefits in 2022.”