February 20, 2024

Create industrial estates, invest in research to tackle food scarcity – Senator tells FG

Create industrial estates, invest in research to tackle food scarcity – Senator tells FG

Senator Ogunlewe

A former minister of works and housing, Senator Adeseye Ogunlewe, has urged the Federal Government create industrial estates and invest in research as part of its efforts to address the rising cost of food items in the country.

Ogunlewe made this appeal while speaking in an interview on Channels Television on Tuesday.

Recall that food prices have in recent months increased tremendously as the high cost of living spiked across the country.

But, speaking on how to address the situation, Senator Ogunlewe suggested that the right investments in research and the creation of industrial estates like it was decades ago will help tackle the issue.

He said, “We had several industrial estates [then]. That is what the Federal Government has failed to do. Create industrial estates, [where they] do research on all these commodities, and put them out.

“Over half of what is produced is wasted because they are not processed,” he added.

Ogunlewe, however, lamented the country’s continued abandonment of research which he says is the backbone of food security and other societal advancement.

He said, “There are professors in all our universities that are only doing research on rice – new varieties of rice; they are doing research on a daily basis on them,” he said.

“Let the Federal Government invest in what we have, we will produce a lot better. But when you don’t invest in research in your country, and you think your country is going to grow, it is very difficult. Invest in them; give them more money for research.”

Meanwhile, with the rising price of food commodities, Nigerians have taken to the streets, protesting over hardship in several parts of the country.

But, Senator Ogunlewe has called on Nigerians to be patient with President Bola Tinubu’s government.

“We are going to get it. Nigerians should just be patient. Give him time. This hunger will last another three months,” he said.