January 13, 2024

Supreme Court verdicts affirmation Nigeria can get it right – Muftwang

Supreme Court verdicts affirmation Nigeria can get it right – Muftwang

Plateau State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang has describe the Supreme Court verdict that affirmed his electoral victory as affirmation Nigeria can get its judicial system right.

Myftwang stated this in an interview with Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday.

Recall that a five-member panel led by Justice Emmanuel Agim reversed the decision of the appellate court which had earlier sacked the governor.

The court tagged the verdict perverse because the issue of the primary election that produced Mutfwang was outside the jurisdiction of the lower court.

Speaking on the apex court verdict, the governor said the judiciary will get it right once the apex court gets it right.

He said, “It has brought out in me some positive energy that we can be able to change the Nigerian system. I have always been an incurable optimist that Nigeria can change.

“With what I saw in the Supreme Court, it raises that hope further that if the Supreme Court can get it right, the judicial system will get it right, the administration of justice will get right.

“It therefore means that we can cascade this into other spheres of our national development. I believe that with the lot of things that are happening now, some of the corrective measures Mr President is taking means that change is possible.”

Meanwhile, on the recent attacks in his state that left over 200 people killed with many rendered homeless, Mutfwang described the incessant attacks on the state are acts of terrorism, saying the security agents know the masterminds of the attacks.

“What I can tell you about the killings in Plateau and the attacks in recent times are pure acts of terrorism,” he said.

According to him, the earlier Nigeria deals with these attacks, the better as he claimed those sponsoring terrorism are known.

“I believe that the sponsors of the terrorists, the financiers of the terrorists and those who arm the terrorists are known.

“And the security agencies know them or they they have the capacity to know them. And that is why we are insisting that the security agencies must do their work, which is to protect lives and properties,” he said.