January 2, 2024

Passengers lambast Air France for luggage delays 10 days after arriving Nigeria

Passengers lambast Air France for luggage delays 10 days after arriving Nigeria

By Dickson Omobola

In an unfortunate development, Air France has caused overwhelming distress and anxiety among its passengers, as a considerable number of them have yet to receive their cargo, about 10 days after they arrived in Abuja.

As a consequence, vacationers and their families have endured a distressing ordeal, specifically, those who traveled to Abuja from Paris on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of December 2023.

Passengers, including those who came for marriage ceremonies, are currently experiencing significant inconvenience due to the unavailability of their luggage, which includes gift items.

Passengers who spoke painted a picture of the unimaginable fear and emotional stress they have been subjected to over the non-arrival of their luggage without a word from Air France.

The airline has been insensitive to the plight of Nigerians, they noted.

A passenger who flew from the United States on December 19 in business class and arrived in Abuja on December 20, 2023, said they made stopovers in Paris and Chad and lamented delayed luggage arrival.

Dozens of Nigerian passengers on the flight scored Air France low on service delivery.

They lampooned the airline, saying that it has failed abysmally to live up to its billing as a reputable international airline.

“Despite the cutthroat air fares charged by the airline, it has failed to give us value for the huge amount we paid for the flight.

“The regulatory bodies both in Nigeria and internationally should sanction Air France.

“The experience is tortuous and unfair, as the airline has spoiled our Yuletide and New Year festivities.

“Some of us are returning to the U.S. without the delivery of our luggage. This is despicable and wicked. We are considering suing the airline for this breach of contract and abysmally poor service,” said a disappointed passenger who did not want to be identified.

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