January 1, 2024

One ambition drives me to run for public offices – Tinubu



By Biodun Busari

President Bola Tinubu has revealed the one ambition that drives his desire to run for public offices.

Recall that Tinubu was a senator in the Third Republic and also served as a two-term governor in Lagos State from 1999 to 2007.

The President said his major ambition for contesting these offices is “to build a fair and equitable society and close the widening inequality.”

Tinubu made this known in a New Year broadcast address on Monday, January 1, 2024.

He said he was creating an enabling environment that would allow the rich to enjoy their hard-earned wealth and for the talented, diligent citizens to make headway in life.

Tinubu said, “Fellow Nigerians, my major ambition in government as a Senator in the aborted Third Republic, as Governor of Lagos State for eight years and now as the President of this blessed country is to build a fair and equitable society and close the widening inequality. 

“While I believe the rich should enjoy their legitimately earned wealth, our minimum bargain must be that any Nigerian that works hard and diligent enough will have a chance to get ahead in life. 

“I must add that because God didn’t create us with equal talents and strengths, I can not guarantee that we will have equal outcomes when we work hard.”

The President assured Nigerians that everyone would have equal opportunity to strive and thrive this year.

“But my government, in this new year 2024 and beyond, will work to give every Nigerian equal opportunity to strive and to thrive,” he added.