January 16, 2024

Dear Bunmi, I fancy my daughter’s ex-boyfriend

I miss my ex… can I tell him?

Dear Bunmi, I’m 46. I have a 23-year-old daughter, and two sons who are younger.

A few months ago, she split up with her boyfriend, who is almost 40.

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I was against the relationship, as I thought he was too old for her.

However, she didn’t seem upset about the split and is now happy with a new partner.

I’ve always had strong feelings for her ex. And I’m sure he feels something for me.

I often used to see him looking at me in ‘that’ kind of way.

Dear Bunmi, would it be wrong to make a move on him, now that they are no longer an item?

Mariam, by e-mail.

Dear Mariam,

Some girls would be mortified if their mom asked one of their ex boyfriends out.

Such a move is likely to drive a wedge between mother and child, and she may be careful about introducing her to future boyfriends in case she turns her attentions to them.

My advice is you shouldn’t dream of hitting on your daughter’s ex, if you aren’t 100 per cent sure that your feelings will be reciprocated.

In approaching this man, you’d be taking a big risk.

And may well end up making a fool of yourself. 

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