December 1, 2023

Lagos: Gov Sanwo-Olu urged to unite real estate sector

Lagos: Gov Sanwo-Olu urged to unite real estate sector

By Ezra Ukanwa

Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh the governorship candidate of the NNPP in the just concluded election in Imo state has advised the executive governor of Lagos state, His Excellency Babajide Sanwo-Olu to act now and unite the real estate sector by addressing pending issues concerning indigenous and non-indigenous investors.

He remarked that before now, the Lagos state government was issuing excision to indigenous families and non-indigenous investors that had the flexibility of purchasing them and perfecting the title at the Lagos state Ministry of Lands and Surveyor General’s office but in recent years this has changed with the emergence of only government allocation “selling land”.

According to him, this trend has short-changed both the indigenous and non-indigenous investors removing them from the real estate sector ultimately which is gradually affecting the supposed growth of the the real estate industry in Lagos state.

“Most investors are now looking for other options leaving Lagos to do real estate. The Lagos state government must look at deregulating the real estate industry so it can grow faster”

Odunzeh who also is a pioneer in real estate network marketing and the inventor of the 15% commission to realtors in real estate is the chairman/CEO of EUC Homes Ltd

Hon Odunzeh, the Babalaje of Ibejuland, a respected high chief in Ibeju Lekki lamented that multiple places in Ibeju Lekki LGA where he has constructed at least 2km of road access in each community have been encroached by the Lagos state government and urged the Governor to carry all state actors along to ensure inclusivity.

Equally, he tasked the leadership of REDAN Lagos state to act swiftly by addressing the lingering matters relating to real estate investors in Lagos state