December 4, 2023

FAAN, airlines ban usage of ‘Ghana must go’ bags


By Prince Okafor

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, along with airlines operating in the country have enforced a ban on the use of matted woven bags, popularly known as Ghana-Must-Go by travellers using the airports.

This was contained in circular signed by the Manager of Airport Services, titled, “Re: Prohibition of Usage Of Ghana Must Go”.

Ghana Must Go bags are quite popular among the majority of Nigerians and other African countries, especially Ghana.

According to the circular, FAAN stated that the nation’s airlines were steadily incurring huge costs due to the damages caused by the use of the infamous Ghana-Must-Go bags, used mostly for the convenient packaging belongings.

According to FAAN, the bags have a way of causing serious breakdowns to the conveyor belt system of airports.

All Nigerian airlines were issued this notice and instructed to convey the message to their passengers and travel partners.

Passengers were advised to forfeit Ghana-Must-Go bags and instead, use cartons or something related to it for the packing of items for travelling. Also, luggage brought in the prohibited bags must be well wrapped before the airports can accept them.

The ban took effect on November 25, 2023 in some of the airports.

Also, the General Manager, Ethiopian Airlines Nigeria, Wondwossen Beyene, told travelers in a statement that, “We would like to inform you of a restriction regarding the usage of irregularly shaped packages on Ethiopian Airlines flights. It is strictly prohibited to bring woven sack unless they are adequately packed in a carton or hardcover rectangular containers. “This restriction has been implemented due to the frequent occurrence of damages to conveyor belts at various airports, resulting in significant costs incurred by the airlines involved. We kindly request your cooperation in complying with this rule to ensure the smooth operations of our flights and to minimize any potential disruptions caused by damaged conveyor belts.”