December 17, 2023

Excitement as JeriQ sold out 15000 capacity Okpara Square

By Ayo Onikoyi

Rising hip-hop artist, JeriQ recently organized an unforgettable concert event in his hometown of Enugu, Nigeria. Dubbed “Jeriq Hood,” the show attracted over 15,000 energetic fans who thronged the Okpara Square.

The 24-year-old performer delivered a high-energy set, seamlessly delivering trap music in his native language, Igbo and pidgin. He engaged the enthusiastic crowd with his infectious confidence and lively showmanship.

Fans were also wowed by surprise guest performers like dancers, skateboard stunt teams, and artists. One emotional moment came when Jeriq was gifted a portrait of his mother by a young fan. Deeply moved, he donated 1 million naira to the artist on the spot, later gifting 300,000 each to others. By showcasing top regional talent alongside international stars, Jeriq asserted Africa’s growing influence and youth-driven hip-hop scene.

His strategic vision earned him praises for expanding the genre’s limits through creative collaborations. While not without minor glitches, the resoundingly successful event sparked a new drive for an entertainment hub in Enugu.

Jeriq Hood set a new bar for ambition and youth culture that will inspire upcoming editions and beyond. Most importantly, it cemented JeriQ not only as a rapper, but a bold hip-hop innovator.

Jeriq Hood had an incredible lineup that kept the energy soaring. From DJ Sixty’s opening beats to the explosive performances by rising stars like Apete, Swissbanc, and Mendoo, the night was a non-stop thrill. The All-Star Lineup: A Hip-Hop Galaxy Unveiled Jeriq Hood unfolded like a journey through the hip-hop galaxy, featuring talents like Yaga, Tush, Aguero Banks, Wizard Chan, DJ Boiler, MC Lord L, and more.

JeriQ’s strategic introductions of international artists like Knucks from the UK, Ok-Effect, and Leczy from South Africa gave color to the show. MC Marc Swag the official host of the event, took us on a journey through the hip-hop galaxy. Artists like Yaga, Aguero Banks, Wizard Chan, Quincy, DJ Boiler, MC Lord L brought in the ginger which ushered in JeriQ on stage around 1:30 PM, following the crowd’s intense demand for JeriQ to come on stage.

There were also performances from Kolaboy, Psycho YP, Alpha P, Chike, and Oxlade, who took turns in an unmissable sequence to entertain the energetic crowd. JeriQ kept the energy alive, bringing up Victony, King Perry, Odunsi, Ajebohustler, Blaqbonez, and finally, Zlatan.

Days after the explosive Jeriq Hood event, Enugu remains on the trend table abuzz with excitement and conversation in the creative space in the city. As the dust settles, a few organizational hiccups have come to light – particularly around event security and concession stands. However, any shortcomings are dwarfed by glowing reviews.

Both attendees and commentators alike praise JeriQ as a visionary promoter of African hip-hop culture.

While JeriQ has hinted at a possible 2024 edition in Onitsha, much depends on continued fans support. However, Enugu tourism officials seem enthused by the influx of visitors and planning to return to the infamous Road Block which is expected to be a bigger production with bigger budgets.

If all goes well, JeriQ may have sparked a new entertainment tradition for Enugu and beyond.