December 1, 2023

Dear Bunmi, would he look for a son now that we have girls? 

Dear Bunmi, would he look for a son now that we have girls? 

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Dear Bunmi, I got married some 10 years ago to a very wonderful and caring man.

We are both professionals and we agreed to have three children, so we could lead a comfortable life.

I’ve just had my third child and it is a girl — the previous ones are also girls.

My husband said he’s quite happy with our three girls, though his friends tease him endlessly for being the only man in the house.

I am a bit worried that we don’t have a son and I am quite willing to have a fourth child, in case it will be a boy.

But my husband is sticking to his guns, asking what I would do if the fourth one turns out to be another girl — have a fifth one?

Dear Bunmi, do you think he would change his mind with time? My friends are a bit cynical about his attitude, saying he might try for a son with another woman.

Basirat, by e-mail.

Dear Basirat,

You have to trust your husband on this one.

You agreed to having three children and, now that they are here, you have to thank your God for the healthy children you have.

Concentrate on nurturing your happy home, instead of wishing for a son that might not come.
Look around you and see how today’s woman is almost as enterprising as her male counterpart.

Male or female, what counts is healthy children.

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