December 12, 2023

Dear Bunmi, my girl is so experienced…can I trust her! 

Dear Bunmi, my girl is so experienced…can I trust her! 


Dear Bunmi, about nine months ago, I started dating my boss’s niece.

She’s a beautiful, intelligent woman who’s highly respected among her peers and colleagues. But she does have a reputation for sleeping around.

She’s never made a secret of the fact that she’s slept with several of her colleagues and I’ve heard a few are jealous she choses me.

Dear Bunmi, I love her and she says she loves me and only has eyes for me, but I can’t shake the feelings that she might go back to her old ways.

Caleb, by e-mail.

Dear  Caleb,

I suppose you don’t have history of your own at all?

It would be much more unusual to meet a woman with no previous sexual partners, so give the woman a break, will you?

Concentrate on the fact that she’s happy with you and you alone. If she enjoyed her previous life so much, she wouldn’t now be with you, would she?

One thing that will surely jeopardise what you have is your getting all paranoid about what she’s doing when she’s not with you.

Here’s another way to look at it – your girlfriend has sampled some of the goods on offer. And now she obviously feels, from an informed perspective, that you are the best of the crop!

So, don’t worry. Trust you’re on to a winner. 

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