November 2, 2023

Psalmy Exclusive stands out at designers headline Africa fashion week  in London

Psalmy Exclusive stands out at designers headline Africa fashion week  in London

It was a gathering of the creme de la creme as top African fashion designers showcased their designs at the Africa Fashion Show London (AFWL) 2023, in the United Kingdom.

With a collaborative catwalk, exhibition, and business development program, the Africa Fashion Week London is arguably Europe’s largest fashion event promoting and nurturing African and African-inspired fashion and design talents.

The AFWL have showcased over 800 emerging designers & exhibitors, from Africa, Europe and America, to almost 70,000 visitors including buyers, retailers, influential industry professionals, and the media and is now a highlight on the annual fashion calendar.

The fashion event in 2023 featured top African fashion designers such as David Wej, Mary Martin London, Psalmy Exclusive, Adire Odua, and a host of other talented designers.

One of the breathtaking moment at the event was when Nigerian fashion designer, Samuel Awonuga, showcased his designs on the runway, which was unique amongst other designers.

Awonuga, a Masters degree holder from the University of Lagos, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Psalmy Exclusive, one of the fastest rising brand in the Nigerian fashion industry.

In an interview section on the sideline of the event, Amonuga stated that he was humbled to have been part of the Africa Fashion Week London where he showcased the beauty and heritage of Nigeria and Africa culture to the world.

He said, “We are excited to be a part of this amazing project, to showcase the beauty and heritage of the African culture most especially Nigeria through fashion to the rest of the world in London.

“We believe you saw the audience reactions when our models stepped out on the runway, which was indeed heartwarming, it was a dream comes true for me, we received a lot of good compliments from our fashion presentations.

“Psalmy Exclusive was not just established for generating revenue and profit, our passion is to make our clients unique and stands out with impeccably styling and satisfying our clients in an exclusive manner which has placed Psalmy Exclusive as one of the most fastest rising brand in the Nigerian fashion industry.”

Awonuga further stated that, “We have learnt a lot by engaging with other brands at the this year’s African Fashion Week London and also potential clients, and we are going back home to come up with new fashion designs that would further meet present day trends and our clients expectations, as we are also opened to collaborate with other brands.”

The event marked a pivotal moment in Nigeria’s fashion landscape, representing another remarkable chapter in Awonuga’s Psalmy Exclusive journey in the fashion industry.