November 27, 2023

I don’t like guys that approach me – Singer Tyla

I don’t like guys that approach me – Singer Tyla

South African singer Tyla Laura Seethal, otherwise known as Tyla, has revealed the kind of men she is attracted to.

Speaking on the Bianca show, Tyla said she does not like guys who tend to approach her and she is rather comfortable with guys who pretend not to want her.

She said, “I don’t like guys that approach me. I want guys that look like they don’t want me. And they must also be mysterious.”

The Grammy-nominated diva also shared the story behind her viral hit song ‘Water.’

She said: “I heard the song [‘Water’] and I instantly fell in love. I finished it in Cape Town, South Africa. As soon as I finished recording, I was just playing it over and over again. It’s basically me telling a guy that stop being all-talk, I want you to show me what you got to offer. It’s kind of a naughty song but it’s the song of the summer.”

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