November 7, 2023

GWR: ‘What did he cook?’, reactions as Irish chef Alan Fisher dethrones Hilda Baci 

GWR: ‘What did he cook?’, reactions as Irish chef Alan Fisher dethrones Hilda Baci 

Reactions have begun trailing the news from the Guinness World Record that an Irish chef, Alan Fisher, has dethroned Nigeria’s Hilda Baci to become the record holder of the longest cooking marathon record.

The body, in a post on X on Tuesday, announced that Fisher “cooked for an incredible 119 hours and 57 minutes at his restaurant in Japan.”

His feat was more than 24 hours longer than the previous record set by Baci at 93 hours, 11 minutes. It was also announced that Fisher, in his attempt, broke the record for the longest baking marathon (individual) with a time of 47 hours, 21 minutes.

The announcement has sparked reactions on social media, with some asking what he cooked.

@Peruzzi “If The Food Wey That Manchi Cook No Sweet Pass Hilda Own, E No Suppose Win”

@IamBlaccode “What did the Irish man cooked…? Is it beans or hard kponmo… Which bàbà help am do am? How the baba do am? Something chef Dami, her pastor and others tried and could not succeed”

@TheBoluSport “Hilda Baci record didn’t last long. We have a new record holder of the cooking marathon. An Irish chef Alan Fisher cooked for 119 hours and 57 minutes in Japan. He did it low-key t own the record. Interesting!! What type of food didthemancooked?”

@YankeeDoodle7 “What did he cook exactly but Hilda will take it again”

@BludJurrien “What did he cook all that long?”

@imohumoren “It’s not how long he cooked but what did he cook, Cuz?”

@Nappunzel “It’s not about cooking to break records, what exactly did he cook? I bet you his Jollof rice was and did he make any Afang or Egusi? These are the issues. GWR Until they cook what our Hilda cooked, the record remains unbroken”

@gentle_miss1 “What and whatdidHecook?”