November 9, 2023

Female gender as bedrock of sustainable national development

By Olafare Comfort

The advancement and prosperity of any nation are linked to the status and contributions of its female citizens. For sustainable national development, the position of females, representing approximately half of the population, cannot be exaggerated. Females are not just stakeholders but the bedrock upon which the pillars of a thriving nation are built.

The role of females in active participation in Economic Empowerment is a fundamental driver of economic growth. When females are given equal opportunities, they contribute significantly to a nation’s GDP. By enabling females to access quality education and join the workforce, nations unclose a valuable source of innovation, productivity, and entrepreneurship.

A nation’s growth is closely tied to the health and education of its citizens. Females often the primary caregivers and educators in families, play a key role in fostering and prioritizing healthcare and education. Empowered females lead to healthier, better-educated, and transformed communities.

Also in Political Representation, females’ participation in politics and decision-making processes is crucial to a thriving democracy. Their perspectives and experiences bring a diverse and holistic approach to policymaking. A high rate of female representation leads to more comprehensive and inclusive policies same as Community Development. Females are the backbone of community development. They are often involved in grassroots initiatives, from healthcare to education and environmental sustainability. Their involvement strengthens the social aspect of society, promoting cooperation and harmony.

Females have consistently proved their ability to be innovative leaders and entrepreneurs over time. Their involvement in business and technology drives innovation and unlocks new market opportunities. For a nation’s economic development, supporting female entrepreneurship is expedient.

The protection and advancement of women’s rights are at the core of a just and unbiased society. Promoting gender equality and addressing issues like violence against women are crucial steps toward achieving sustainable development.

In conclusion, the female gender is not just a part of the equation for sustainable national development, they are the bedrock upon which the future of any nation stands. Their education, empowerment, and inclusion in all aspects of society are not just topics of rights and justice but a necessity for a booming and sustainable future. Identifying and utilizing the potential of females is not only ethical but also a strategic investment in the success and stability of a nation.

Olafare is the Legislative Assistant to Senator Tokunbo Abiru (Lagos East Senatorial District)