October 3, 2023

Reps to investigate N6.5bn shoreline protection contract in Ondo community

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By Gift ChapiOdekina, Abuja

The House of Representatives on Tuesday Vows to investigate the failure of the performance of the N6.5 billion shoreline protection contract awarded by the Niger Delta Development in Ayetoro Community in Commission in llaje Local Government Area of Ondo State since 2006

This followed the adoption of a motion titled “Need to Avert the Rising Tension of Sea incursion Ravaging Ayetoro Community in llaje Local Government Area of Ondo State” moved by Hon. Donald Kimikanoh Ojogo (APC-Ondo State) at the Plenary season

The House presided over by the Deputy Speaker Hon Benjamin Kalu mandated the Committees on Niger Delta Development Commission and Ecological Fund to investigate the failure of the performance of the N6.5 billion shoreline protection contract awarded by the Niger Delta Development Commission in 2006 to find an alternative solution where necessary, to stem the dangerous side and report back to the House in four weeks for further legislative action

The House also urged the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to urgently provide temporary relief materials to cushion the immediate impact of the ravaging sea incursion on the latest victim

Inn addition, it also mandated the Committee on Legislative Compliance to ensure compliance

While moving the motion, the Lawmaker said that “the House Notes that the oil-producing Ayetoro Community is not just a major revenue source of the nation, but a phenomenal historical and cultural settlement along the coastal stretch of llajeLocal Government
Area of Ondo State

“Also notes that Ayetoro Community and its environs account for 5.4 per cent of the 60,000 Barrel Per Day (BPD) of Ondo State’s crude oil production output amounting to about 3.7 per cent of Nigeria’s total oil production ranking Ondo State 5th among Nigeria’s oil-producing states as captured by the NDDC law

“Disturbed that devastating sea incursions and ocean surges have been the albatross of the Ayetoro community for over two decades destroying properties and displacement of indigenes, thus disrupting the oil-exploration activities owing to varied reactions by indigenes of the area

“Worried that the surge has become an annual occurrence and an alarming rate that successive administrations in Ondo State appear and overwhelmed, thus helpless

“Also disturbed that the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) in 2004 attempted to stem the slide by awarding the contract for the construction of a shoreline protective wall designed with a tube technology in Ayetoro to Gallet Nigeria Limited at an original contract sum of N6.4 billion, of which 25 per cent was reportedly paid, but the contract was revoked in 2009 for alleged lack of capacity and re-awarded to Dredging Atlantic Limited at an undisclosed cost and sixteen years after the contract was first awarded, there is nothing to show any intervention by the government

“Concerned that owing to this pitiable level of no action by the mobilised contractor(s), a particular surge that happened towards the end of the year 2022 reportedly caused the displacement of nearly 2,000 people, 13 deaths and the destruction of over 200 homes

“Also concerned that the situation has generated tension in the oil-producing communities as restive youths have reportedly commenced mobilising themselves to disrupt the lawful activities of oil producing companies, thereby creating a state of unease and seeming insecurity

When the motion was put in to see voice vote, It was unanimously supported by other members