October 3, 2023

Reps move to stop killing of peasant farmers in Borno

FCC job Racketeering

… ask FG to deploy additional security personnel in order to arrest perpetrators

By Gift ChapiOdekina, Abuja

The House of Representatives on Tuesday called on the Federal Government, in collaboration with the state and local governments, to deploy additional security personnel and resources to the Chibok/Damboa/Gwoza Constituency to provide adequate protection to peasant farmers and their farms.

The House also called on security agencies to intensify intelligence gathering and surveillance activities in the constituency to identify and apprehend the perpetrators of attacks on farmers.

The House further called on the federal government to establish a special task force dedicated to addressing the security challenges in the Chibok/Damboa/Gwoza Constituency, with a mandate to protect the lives and property of the farmers and Provide Safe and Reliable Security for Farmers to Harvest Their Hard-Earned Farm Produce.

This was sequel to the adoption of a motion tittled “The urgent and critical issue of the continuous killing of peasant farmers in the Chibok/Damboa/Gwoza Constituency moved by Rep Ahmed Jaha during plenary in Abuja.

According to Jaha, the farmers in the constituency who work tirelessly to provide food for the nation are facing grave threats to their lives, hindering their ability to harvest their hard-earned farm produce.

He said It is the responsibility of representatives of the people to address this issue with utmost urgency and ensure the safety and security of people.

He said “aware of the fact that agriculture is the backbone of our economy and the main source of livelihood for the majority of our constituents, we cannot afford to overlook the constant attacks on our farmers. These attacks not only result in loss of lives but also severely disrupt food production, leading to food scarcity, increased prices, and economic instability in our constituency.

He expressed concerns that the persistent insecurity in the Chibok/Damboa/Gwoza Constituency has created an environment of fear and uncertainty, discouraging farmers from cultivating their lands and leaving their hard-earned farm produce unharvested.

This he said not only leads to financial losses for the farmers but also exacerbates the food insecurity situation in our constituency and the country as a whole.

“Acknowledging the efforts of the security agencies in combating insurgency and terrorism in our constituency, we must recognize that more needs to be done to provide a safe and reliable security environment for our farmers. The current security measures have proven inadequate in deterring attacks on innocent farmers, and it is high time we take decisive action to protect their lives and ensure their economic well-being.

“Realizing that the killing of peasant farmers goes beyond a local issue and has broader implications for national security, as it directly impacts our food production and the stability of our nation. It is imperative that we prioritize the safety of our farmers, who toil day and night to provide food for our nation, and create an enabling environment for them to carry out their agricultural activities without fear or hindrance.

To this end, the House urged that the government should provide financial assistance and support to affected farmers who have suffered losses due to attacks, to help them recover and sustain their agricultural activities.

The House also urged that the government should engage in dialogue and collaboration with relevant stakeholders, including community leaders, traditional rulers, and local vigilante groups, to develop a comprehensive security strategy tail: to the specific needs of the Chibok/ Damboa/Gwoza Constituency, adding that the government should invest in infrastructure development, such as access roads, communication network and rural electrification; to improve the security and economic viability of the constituency.