October 17, 2023

NDPHC assures of reliable, cost-effective power supply to industrial clusters, homes

National Grid

By Sebastine Obasi

The Managing Director of the Niger-Delta Power Holding Company, NDPHC, Chiedu Ugbo has assured Nigerians of cost-effective supply of electricity to industrial clusters, as well as homes.

Ugbo stated this at the NDPHC/Agbara Industries Bilateral Energy Sales Road Show, at Agbara, Ogun State.

He said, “The primary objective of this initiative is to ensure a consistent, reliable, and cost-effective supply of electricity from our power plants to the extensive industrial and business clusters in Agbara and throughout Nigeria.

“This event, under the esteemed leadership of His Excellency, the Vice President and Chairman of Niger Delta Power Holding Company, signifies the unwavering commitment and preparedness of NDPHC in strategic collaboration with our esteemed partners, to undertake bilateral electricity sales to end-users.”

 Explaining the role of his organisation, Ugbo said, “As many of you are aware, NDPHC is a wholly-owned government company responsible for implementing the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP), which aims to enhance electricity generation with associated electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure, for the benefit of Nigerians.

“To date, NDPHC has successfully constructed eight power plants with a combined capacity of approximately 4000 MW. 

This is as well as various transmission and distribution infrastructure. However, a significant portion of this capacity remains stranded due to constraints within the transmission and distribution system, distribution losses, gas limitations, and the financial burden on the Federal Government’s balance sheet through NBET, the FGN-owned primary bulk purchaser of electricity that on-sells to electricity distribution companies in Nigeria.

“With the evolving regulatory framework of the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry (NESI) and the declaration of Eligible Customers, we identified opportunities to revolutionize the industry through end-to-end solutions that increase electricity access for Nigerian homes and businesses and reduce the financial burden on FGN’s balance sheet.

“This event is a public manifestation of the months of diligent work by the NDPHC team and our project partners, devising creative and viable solutions to address power supply challenges in NESI.

“NDPHC remains at the forefront of the industry in pursuing bilateral power sales and other projects that ensure efficient and targeted power delivery to end-users. We are delighted to witness the incremental results of our collaborative efforts with our partners during today’s events.

Acknowledging the challenges confronting the power sector, the NDPHC boss stated, “We are fully aware that beyond the celebrations of today’s event, there remains a substantial amount of work to be done to successfully implement this programme and deliver steady, reliable, and affordable electricity to Nigerian industrial clusters.

“I am here to affirm NDPHC’s unwavering commitment to the successful execution of this project, not only in Agbara but also in various locations across the country. We recognize the significant multiplier effect this project will have on Nigeria’s industrial, economic, and infrastructural development, and the value it will bring to the Nigerian people, our ultimate benefactors.”