October 3, 2023

Kenya leads UN-approved force to tackle Haiti’s deadly gangs

Kenya leads UN-approved force to tackle Haiti’s deadly gangs

Kenya will lead an international force tasked with bringing order back in Haiti, a country where gangs are responsible for a surge in killings, rapes, and kidnappings.

According to Africa News, Kenya has previously proposed sending 1,000 police officers and countries including Jamaica also have pledged to send personnel.

This was approved by the 15-member United Nations Security Council on Monday in a resulation drafted by the United States, but Russia and China abstained.

“Today, the UN Security Council made history in authorizing the multinational security support Mission to Haiti. We have stepped up to create a new way of preserving global peace and security,”  the acting US ambassador for special political affairs.

“Answering the repeated calls of a member state facing a multidimensional crisis amid alarming spiraling gang violence,” Jeffrey DeLaurentis, added.

“With participation from countries all over the world and with much thanks to Kenya for positively considering leading the international community can now move forward with a multinational security support mission for Haiti.”

Last month, the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden promised to offer logistics and $100 million to support the Kenyan-led force.

The resolution authorises the force to deploy for an initial one-year period with a review after nine.

The vote came nearly a year after Haitian Prime Minister and top government officials requested the immediate deployment of a foreign armed force as the authorities struggled to suppress gang violence.

The deployment of an armed force is expected to restore peace and security to Haiti for its prime minister to organise long-awaited general elections that he has repeatedly promised after the July 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moïse.