October 15, 2023

Jews gather in synagogues, light memorial candles for slain Israelis

Jews gather in synagogues, light memorial candles for slain Israelis

Jewish people across the globe gathered at the synagogues this weekend for their Shabbat services since Hamas militants attacked Israel.

Rabbis led prayers of peace and shared grief with their congregations and people light a yahrzeit candle (memorial candle), in addition to the Shabbat candles lit on Fridays, in honour of the Israelis killed on Saturday

The intention was to remember more than 1,300 of the Israelis, most of them Jews, who were murdered by Hamas last Saturday.

Hamas attacked had fuelled war as Israel continues to bomb Gaza, cutting out humanitarian resources.

Rabbi Daniel Fellman led Shabbat service Friday, at Temple Sinai in Pittsburgh, the United States prayed for the safety of the state of Israel, for peace, and said a memorial prayer for those killed and missing after Hamas’ attack.

Despite the anguish in Israel, Fellman’s congregation – and others across the world – heeded the words of an Israeli soldier who had urged worshippers “to go sing and dance, go make sure that every person in the world hears us singing this prayer this Shabbat.”

Fellman preached on the biblical story of the first murder – that of Abel by his brother Cain – and urged an understanding that all people are siblings, including Jews, Christians and Muslims.

“They are all our brothers and sisters, and when one of us hurts, we all hurt. If we can’t see that we share this earth, that we share God’s love, … then we are doomed to live the curse of Cain and Abel again and again,” Fellman said.