October 18, 2023

Dear Bunmi, I didn’t know he was a kiss-and-tell!

Dear Bunmi

Social Kiss

Dear Bunmi, I have so fancied this man a long time that when I ran into him at a friend’s birthday party, I made a play for him. 

He invited me to his flat and we made passionate love — it made me fall in love with him more.

To my greatest shock, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me in spite of the fact that we’d been intimate. 

He told all his friends that I was cheap and easy; this hurts me a lot.

I still love him and would do anything to have him back.  Do you think there’s any hope for us, Dear Bunmi?

Kelechi, by e-mail.

Dear Kelechi,

Which “us” are you talking about?  The “us” that lasted for only one passionate rump in the sack? 

It’s a shame that you not only made a play for the man, you belittled yourself by thinking that the only way you could hold him was to have sex with him without getting to know him first.

If that’s the way you’ve been handling your relationships, you’re better off putting a stop to it or there would be plenty of men who will be happy to take up such a generous offer.

Forget this man who’d been running you down and tell yourself that there are many decent men out there. You just haven’t met the right one yet.

Then, do yourself a favour and wait for him to show up. 

You’ll recognise him as the one who keeps his mouth shut after you sleep together and who only opens it to tell people how wonderful you are.

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