October 7, 2023

Dambe league format changes narrative of traditional Nigerian combat sport – Organisers

Dambe league format changes narrative of traditional Nigerian combat sport – Organisers

Dambe Warriors league circuit fight three in Kano has continued to take the authentic combat sport of Dambe to a whole new level.

Speaking with the Dambe Warriors media team, the warriors confessed that the experience they have had so far has changed their mentality for the better. They also thanked the organizers for improving the standard of the game in terms of content development, resources, prize money, insurance, and bonuses.

The Warriors, coaches and organizers are more excited than ever to make Dambe Warriors circuit fight four, coming up at the Dei-dei Gidan Dambe in Abuja on October 15, the biggest and most entertaining spectacle to date.

According to most recent rankings in various divisions, Bahagon Zayyanu is dominating the lightweights after another punishing victory to improve his record to three wins and without a loss..

In the middleweight division, Autan Kudawa and Ramadan are leading the field after recording wins in their respective bouts to remain undefeated. They are on track for an epic clash this November at Superfight One unless they can be knocked from the throne.

In the heavyweight division, undefeated Dogo Maitakwasara continued his dominance so far and warriors like Dogon Sisco and Ali Kanin Bello continue to vie for ranking positions. In a shocking twist, whereas Ali Kanin Bello was initially ruled to have won the main event against Dogon Sisco at circuit fight three, this decision was reversed upon video review of the match showing Ali Kanin Bello engaging in conduct unbecoming of a Dambe Warrior during the fight.

The high point of Circuit Fight Three in Kano was seeing warriors from the same fight house battle against each other which has never happened before in the history of the sport, but is necessary now in the quest to ultimately crown one true champion.