September 13, 2023

State governors putting democracy at risk — ADC


By John Alechenu, Abuja

National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress, Ralph Nwosu, has alleged that serving and former state governors are constituting themselves into a threat to Nigeria’s democracy through their actions.

Nwosu made the allegation at a press briefing on the sidelines of the party’s National Executive Council meeting, in Abuja, on Wednesday.

He said, “The Governors in almost all the states have become emperors, they are controlling the local government, for the last 20 years there is nothing happening in the local government and without local government there is no grassroots development, development is bottom up and not up to bottom it cannot work.

“Therefore who are acting like emperors seizing local government accounts, must be called to order.

“The NSA has taken a job, the APC and PDP Governors are causing mayhem. They want to influence almost everything they select who becomes local government Chairmen, they select people who go to the state House of Assembly, those to go to NASS and they are beginning to put their stronghold on who becomes the Governor even president.

“The Governors are behaving like emperors and it must be checked. Recently the Governors are going to be Tribunals to stop people who won elections genuinely this cannot advantage our democracy and country because of that I called on the NSA to action. What they are doing is threatening the fabric of our society.

“I know the challenges that we have and because of that, I am specially calling on the National Security Adviser, the IG of Police, the DG DSS and INEC to look into what is happening in Kogi and Imo states and call their Governors to order. Because what they are doing is not governance, they are running down our democracy.

Nwosu further alleged  that ADC’s governorship candidate,  Leke Abejide, was recently harassed on trump up charges because they wanted to stop him from campaigning. This, he noted, does not help us as a nation.

The party’s national chairman, further said, “I am sure that President Tinubu will not tolerate the impunity and lawlessness of these APC poster governors. They impact on the country and the political space negatively.”

He charged party members not to succumb to threats and blackmail but work within the ambit of the law to ensure victory for the party in the forth coming governorship elections in Kogi and Imo States.

Nwosu said, “We are calling on all ADC members to rise up and make sure that ADC wins the coming November 11 election in Kogi, Bayelsa and Imo State. Our Campaign is going on well in Kogi and Imo in particular, i charge our candidate Hon. Leke Abejide and prof James Okoroma to remain focused as victory beckons.

As a party we have come together to give credence to the nation and our party for transformational leadership that epitomizes values in this responsibility we must not fail. The job maybe hard people may refuse to cooperate, the first task for us is to deliver our global campus