August 4, 2023

Rebranded Marketing Agency Made 1 Billion for a Client

Rebranded Marketing Agency Made 1 Billion for a Client

BeachTV, an almost unknown marketing communications agency in Lagos, Nigeria achieved the unbelievable for a client. It cooked up a smart plan that earned nearly 1 billion Naira in revenue.

Launched 4 years ago, it services small businesses that feel overlooked by the rather outsized creative agencies industry complex. Crafting niche campaigns on tight budgets that help the brands scale their revenue by more than 331%.

Having successfully catered to the SME sector, BeachTV is rebranding. With a new brand ethos of expanding its reach, service offerings and interests. By inviting companies to the sunny side of marketing. A radical improvement of their original philosophy of now infusing the exciting, attractive air of a beach into brand campaigns.

Speaking of the rebranding. CEO of Beachtv Media, Afolabi Adams noted. “We’ve achieved exactly what we started out to do. Help small brands transform their bottom lines with crazy strategies. Now it’s time to dial up the pressure. We want the bigger startups, the multinationals.”

With that in mind, BeachTV is introducing special offers: free and discounted consultations on services to attract various companies that would prefer to explore the possibilities of changing their business outlook.

BeachTV officially relaunches in July, taking its traditional/digital marketing, communications/PR, strategies, and branding offerings continent-wide, with the aim of expanding to West Africa in the coming year, with global PR, talent management, and original content programming being also added to its portfolio.