August 7, 2023

Gov Alia commended for upholding acountability, transparency in governance

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Gov Alia

The National Democratic and Transparency Watch Initiative ( NDTWI) has hailed Benue Governor Rev (Fr) Hyacinth Alia for entrenching accountability and transparency in governance.

In a statement signed by Dr. Gbenga Salau, the group said Alia has stood out among his contemporaries due to his knack for due process, integrity, and sincerity of purpose.

Dr. Salau noted that the governor has put an end to the rot in Benue’s local government with an emphasis on communications and policies that are consistent, inclusive, and transparent.

According to him, this has been possible because Alia anchored his leadership in honesty, empathy, and verismo.

He added that the governor has invoked the spirit of the Tenth Principle of the United Nations Global Compact against corruption and Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

Salau further said Governor Alia has put an end to the looting of the local governments.

He noted that the governor’s bold step to freeze the state’s account is commendable.

Dr. Salau said President Bola Tinubu is doing the exact thing with his pro- people’s policies, particularly in the removal of fuel subsidy.

He added that the governor is already making history in the country by working hand in hand with the State House of Assembly to clean the third-tier of government of all kinds of corruption.

Salau, however, urged Alia to continue to sanitize and clean all the manipulations created by the past administration.

He said the governor should not rest until the mindless padding of the wage bills and manipulation of the payroll is eradicated.