August 4, 2023

Dear Bunmi, I’m appalled I fell for this s3x maniac!

Dear Bunmi, I’m appalled I fell for this s3x maniac!

When I met my husband shortly after leaving the university, I thought I had struck gold. He had his own house, ran a thriving business and showed me a lot of love and affection.

When I got pregnant, he insisted we get married, and we had a lavish do. He’s been a good father to the two children of the marriage.

In the last few years, I’ve been regaled with stories of his forcefully making love to women and even having anal s3x with some!

He came home with funny smells on his person, and the last straw was when a niece, who came to stay during an exam, complained he forced her to have s3x with him.

In the end I quietly left and I’m now living in a flat with my kids.

He’s still a generous father but I kick myself for getting married to such a s3x maniac. Why hadn’t I seen the signs before I married him?

Betty, by e-mail.

Dear Betty,

What signs were you expecting to see? S3x offenders don’t look different from the next guy, and you did well to leave him.

People like him are possessed and there is little you could have done to change him.

Of course, he could be nice, romantic and responsible – your ex has what is called the Jekyll and Hyde personality.

The man who wooed and married you is also the man with the twisted mind.

You had no way of knowing what a monster he would turn out to be.

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