August 21, 2023

Business possibilities in fintech boundless, says Benjamin Oyemonlam

Business possibilities in fintech boundless, says Benjamin Oyemonlam

By Ayo Onikoyi

 Fintech expert and the Founder of Platnova, Benjamin Oyemonlan, has made a strong case for financial technology as the next big thing in the world of digital economy.

He says the digital frontier is evolving, and in the midst of this transformation, there are firms like Platnova destined to redefine global financial interactions.

Speaking about the fintech firm he established, the distinguished UK Global Talent, said it’s a beacon for the future of finance.  Citing that harnessing the power of innovation, Platnova offers a myriad of trailblazing features: lightning-fast multi-currency transactions, effortless bill payments, state-of-the-art virtual cards, and a seamless platform for tasks like purchasing gift cards and settling international tuition fees.

“Platnova isn’t just a product—it’s a movement. In today’s borderless digital age, our goal is to offer a financial platform that’s as limitless as the aspirations of its users,” articulates Benjamin Oyemonlan.

But beyond its cutting-edge features lies Platnova’s commitment to impenetrable security and regulatory compliance. Spanning operations in the UK, US, Canada, Rwanda, and Nigeria, Platnova steadfastly adheres to the highest financial regulatory standards, championing both user trust and ease of use.

As the dawn of a new fintech era approaches, Platnova stands tall, setting the gold standard. It invites users worldwide to partake in a financial journey that’s not just efficient but truly transformative.