July 20, 2023

My mission is empowering lives through financial, digital opportunities — Wealth Israel

My mission is empowering lives through financial, digital opportunities — Wealth Israel

Wealth Israel, the Founder of House of Wealth LLC, has said his mission is to empower individuals worldwide to achieve true wealth and financial freedom. He noted in a statement that what started as a small WhatsApp group teaching about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies has now evolved into a global community spanning over 20,000 individuals across 10 different countries.

“Today, House of Wealth is not just an organization but a movement, aiming to create a virtual home for a wealthy global family,” he said.

In a candid conversation, Wealth Israel shared his personal journey, filled with both triumphs and failures. Reflecting on his past setbacks, he said, “A big part of my life I don’t really like talking nor sharing about is how 90% of what I have achieved today. At one point in time, I lost it all and failed my way through to the top.”

Wealth Israel’s unwavering commitment to helping others achieve financial success led to the birth of House of Wealth: “Through the platform, individuals are exposed to cutting-edge digital opportunities and receive training in trading the financial markets. The ultimate goal is to empower a minimum of 10,000 individuals to become financially independent and live the life of their dreams by 2025.

“We don’t just stop there,” Wealth Israel explained. “We are imbibing the right positive family culture, so if each of these lives that are positively affected can help 1,000 persons each, we would have achieved helping a billion lives on the planet, shaping culture positively for the greater good.

“Currently, House of Wealth is focused on launching the Bybit Trading Network, an exclusive partnership with Bybit, the sixth-largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. With a daily trading volume of almost $1 billion, Bybit provides an unparalleled opportunity for individuals to engage in crypto trading and investment.”

Asked about his current goals, Wealth Israel stated: “We aim to produce 10,000 success stories and testimonials from HouseOfWealth through the opportunity of the Bybit Trading Network over the next six months.

“Additionally, we are committed to providing $1 million worth of empowerment support through giveaways, cash, and kind.”

Despite the challenges faced along the way, Wealth Israel said he remained determined to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Reflecting on the growth of House of Wealth, he shared, “We have grown from a group of 100+ individuals to a community of over 100,000 across three continents.”

To aspiring professionals in the field, Wealth Israel offers valuable advice: “They can only be a better yesterday for you if you lose sight of your focus. Your mental roadmap is everything as it determines the size of your manifestation.”

He noted that House of Wealth’s journey represents a testament to the power of resilience and the transformative potential of financial education and digital opportunities: “With a vision to empower individuals globally and shape a positive culture, we are striving to make a lasting impact in the world of wealth creation and financial freedom,” Wealth Israel concluded.