July 9, 2023

How we’re helping students, low income earners build business with zero capital — Iman Muhammed

How we’re helping students, low income earners build business with zero capital — Iman Muhammed

The Founder and CEO of Rif Futures, Mr. Iman Muhammed, has explained how the firm, renowned for vision to tackle low income challenges, is helping students and low income earners by building alternative business opportunities that require little to no capital, as a revolutionary approach to business startup affordability in Africa.

With the increasing global inflation and low minimum wage in the continent, it has become very hard for entrepreneurs to survive and much more harder for students and undergraduates to support their cause and remain progressive in their daily correspondence, thus, resulting in a dichotomous economic setback in Africa business and human capital space.

Commenting on the solutions in a statement to users and keyholders, Mr. Iman Muhammed, founder and CEO of Rif Futures noted: “We have been working very closely with grassroots solutions since 2013 and every step has been a success story to many.

“Our telecoms solution Subpadi is a top popular app in Nigeria and has engaged over 50 thousands student beneficiaries alone and we’ve launched another this year, bigisub, to focus on business users separately.

“Our focus and diversification is to ensure humane means of livelihood is not impaired as much as making ends meet in difficult times.

 “Our Digital solution for MSMEs, Marketinghob, is currently ongoing technical revamp to include more services that will put local market to the doorstep of international buyers with close incorporation with Riflogistik and other international stakeholders to ensure seamless transactions and delivery.

“Digital engagement is an applicable solution to national and continental development and we are on a mandate to ensure a revolutionary success we can all share in merriment.”