July 29, 2023

FG needs to partner firms to empower youths in tech skills – Jay Adewole

FG needs to partner firms to empower youths in tech skills – Jay Adewole

By Ayo Onikoyi

In recent years, the global economy has been characterized by an increasing reliance on technology, with countries such as China and India taking the lead in the tech revolution.

However, a Nigerian business consultant, Jay Adewole, has identified a gap in the Nigerian market that could see the country become a tech hub to rival these Asian giants.

Olanrewaju Jay Adewole, who is based in New York and also a co-founder of a top consulting firm in New York City, “Point of view consulting corporation” , has been advocating for the Nigerian government to partner with consulting firms to empower youths with the skills necessary to be players in the global tech industry. He has been particularly vocal at the United Nations, where he has been fighting to include Nigerian and African youths in the global scale of human development. He has also used his NGO “Eli Adewole foundation” to empower youths with entrepreneurship skills and giving out business grants to startups.

“Technology is the future of the global economy,” says Jay Adewole. “If Nigeria wants to be relevant and competitive in the coming years, we must invest in our youths and provide them with the skills and opportunities necessary to be part of the tech revolution.”

Olanrewaju Jay Adewole argues that partnering with consulting firms like his own is a win-win situation for both the government and the private sector. “Consulting firms have the expertise and resources necessary to provide training and development for the youth,” he says. “In return, the government can benefit from the innovation and economic growth that will come with a thriving tech industry.”

With Nigeria currently facing an unemployment crisis, particularly among its youth population, Jay Adewole’s proposal promises to create new jobs and opportunities in a sector that is poised for exponential growth. By providing trainings and facilitating mentorship programs, the government can quickly improve the employability of Nigerian youths while also giving them the skills to start their own businesses and drive innovation in the tech industry.

Olanrewaju Jay Adewole is urging the Nigerian government to act quickly and partner with international organizations and stakeholders to provide the necessary facilitation for these initiatives. “The time to act is now,” he says. “We have the potential to make Nigeria a leading tech hub in the world, but we cannot do it alone. Let us work together to empower our youths and build the future of our country.”