June 5, 2023

‘You want to reap over 100%,’ Iyabo Ojo tackles Lagos State over ₦‎18m tax bill

‘You want to reap over 100%,’ Iyabo Ojo tackles Lagos State over ₦‎18m tax bill

Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo has reacted to the Lagos State Government and the governor of the state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu over an alleged ₦18 million tax request.

Iyabo, in an Instagram post on Monday, shared documents of a personal income tax letter and expressed her frustration with the exorbitant amount demanded by the government.

The actress directed her anger to Sanwo-Olu and the Lagos State government, demanding an explanation for the hefty tax bill.

She questioned the basis for such high personal income taxes and criticised the lack of transparency in the calculation process.

The actress referred to a previous encounter where she complied with the government’s request to explain her earnings and declare her income but received no response.

She stated, “Last time, you people asked me to come to your office, I came, you asked me to explain & declare what I earn, which I did with my tax consultant, but noooooooooooooo you did not respond to my letter, bcos you want me to pay you an outrageous amount that I do not have.

Feeling overwhelmed by the mounting financial burden imposed on her, the mother of two raised concerns about the government’s insensitivity to the challenges faced by individuals and businesses.

She questioned the contributions of the government to her life, stating, “What have you people ever done for me as a government? NOTHING!!! I have single-handedly raised my kids & so many others, plus myself without a single penny from the government.”

This incident is not the first time Ojo has publicly voiced her grievances regarding taxation in Lagos State.

In 2019, she shared tax papers on Instagram, lamenting the excessive taxation that was jeopardising her business.

She expressed her struggle to make a profit amid various financial obligations, including rent, salaries, maintenance, and multiple taxes imposed by the local and state governments.

As of now, there has been no official response from Governor Sanwo-Olu or the Lagos State government regarding Ojo’s allegations and demands for an explanation.

The actress remains resolute in her stance, prepared to face any consequences that may arise from speaking out.