June 6, 2023

Teenager stabs ex-girlfriend, her mother, cuts own throat

Teenager stabs ex-girlfriend, her mother, cuts own throat

By Biodun Busari

An 18-year-old man allegedly stabbed his 17-year-old former girlfriend Madison Schmitz and her mother, Jacki Roge in an attempted murder in the United States.

The attack happened at a restaurant near Jacksonville, Florida, around 4:30 pm on Saturday, according to New York Post.

The teenager, Spencer Pearson, after repeatedly stabbing Madison, a high school softball star, and her mother, made an attempt to commit suicide by cutting his own throat.

Reports said Pearson invaded the restaurant where Madison, Jacki, and a friend were having lunch in the evening that day, as he stood nearby, causing immediate fear among the trio.

It was allegedly reported that Madison had broken up with Pearson, for previously threatening her with violence, and her mum was trying to get a restraining order taken out against him.

Seeing Pearson caused panic among the trio, and they swiftly paid their bill and headed towards their car to distance themselves from him.

Before they could reach their vehicle, Pearson intercepted them and allegedly launched a wide knife attack, repeatedly stabbing both Madison and her mother.

New York Post said the chaotic occurrence only ended when Kennedy Armstrong, a brave bystander, heard the screams and rushed to intervene.

Pearson then turned his aggression towards Armstrong, allegedly stabbing him in the arm and severing multiple tendons.

He consequently inflicted a self-inflicted stab wound to his throat in a suicide attempt.

All four were taken to the hospital, but the two ex-lovers are in critical condition according to the reports on Tuesday.

Authorities from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office are prepared to charge Pearson with attempted murder if he survives his self-inflicted injuries.