June 11, 2023

Steve’s Entertainment record label set to sign first artist

Steve’s Entertainment record label set to sign first artist

By Ayo Onikoyi

A newly launched record label known as Steve’s Entertainment has begun its operation on a good footing as it is set to sign its first artist.

According to the Founder, Kpuwhara Egba-Oghene Steve , Steve’s Entertainment is not a flash in the pan but a force the industry would soon feel and respect, not only by its choice of artists but also by its elaborate and sophisticated structures.

“Apart from signing artists to the label, we will soon be getting into shows, sponsorships and more to entrench our presence on the musical landscape. I don’t want to go into the details of plans now because we don’t want to show too much too early,” Egba-Oghene Steve says.

On what they look for in artists they want to sign, the Founder was emphatic about loyalty, beyond the musical talent and skills the artist should possess.

“The most essential quality I look for is loyalty. You can hate someone you’re loyal to and not stab him in the back. Most artists forget that without the label, they won’t be an artist. The artist should always remember that the label took a huge risk in investing in them and should honour the contract signed. This is where loyalty comes in. When an artist is loyal to the label and the label too comes through for them, there is a zero chance of betrayal,” he said.

Kpuwhara Egba-Oghene Steve said he is enthusiastic of the future as it looks bright given the fact that the Nigerian music industry is actually where it needs to be and growing fast.