June 1, 2023

Police raid on Auxiliary’s residence political vendetta – Olajengbesi

Police raid on Auxiliary’s residence political vendetta – Olajengbesi

A human rights lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi, has condemned the recent raid by the police on the Ibadan residence of the former Chairman of the Oyo State Park Management System (PMS), Alhaji Lamidi Mukaila popularly known as Auxiliary.

Recall Vanguard had earlier reported that detectives from the Oyo State Police Command, on Tuesday, raided the Olodo, Ibadan residence of Auxiliary and recovered weapons and ammunition.

Reacting to the development in a statement issued to newsmen, Olajengbesi, however, said there is no conclusive proof yet that the displayed ammunition and weapons were actually recovered from Auxiliary’s residence.

Olajengbesi said it is surprising that the state government started persecuting Auxiliary after the second term victory of Governor Makinde and hours after the governor was inaugurated for another four years on May 29, 2023.

The lawyer said: “I have read the report of the invasion of the hotel and residence of Alhaji Lamidi Mukaila Auxiliary who was before now the Oyo State Park Management System’s Chairman and the display of ammunitions claimed to have been recovered from his premises.

“While it is commendable that the Nigeria Police Force may have taken the initiative to be on top of a security concern to purge our communities of thuggery, criminality, and unlawful possession of firearms, we must all equally acknowledge that the event leading to this drama and the situation with Auxiliary is pure political vendetta at play and not so much a fight against criminality.

“Auxiliary’s ordeal, especially being not so long ago a notable chieftain empowered and suitably positioned by the government now hounding him, is a cautionary tale in the ephemerality of power and mischief of political power holders. From narrowly escaping being killed by unknown types of machinery suspected to have the backing of a government that once endorsed him to being held over allegations of illegal firearms possession,

Olajengbesi noted that Auxiliary’s antagonists must equally not be spared public angst in “schemes and actions masked as a fight against criminality.”

He added, “There is therefore no conclusive proof yet that the displayed ammunition were actually recovered from Auxiliary’s residence.

“This is in no way to take away credit from the Nigeria Police Force’s service to the nation, but a note of caution ought to be sounded against the agency continuing to let itself be a tool for the political class to settle grudges or ‘clean house’. True justice must swing both ways in determining the underlying social and political angles of such matters with the objective being to spare no sacred cows and create a precedent to deter political actors immersed in such schemes.

“Personally, I wish Seyi Makinde a successful second term in office because he has worked hard and selflessly so far and thus deserves the honour to finish his work. However, eventually everything comes to an end. Tenures expire, and the powers, patronage and tributes that attend political offices will too. Only one’s legacy built on the back of fair-play and justice will stand the test of time and as such, true leaders must pursue manifest justice done and seen to be done.”

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