June 4, 2023

Nigerian men are good lovers but … – Rechael Okonkwo

Nigerian men are good lovers but … – Rechael Okonkwo

By Ayo Onikoyi

Beautiful Nollywood actress, Rechael Okonkwo is not one that hugs the limelight to make her life an open book for all and sundry to gloat at. But in a past interview with Potpourri, the actress popularly known as Nkoli Nwa Nsukka bares her mind on Nigerian men.

“Nigerian men are good lovers but they cheat because they have the blood of polygamy running in their veins. While some of them are very caring, others don’t, But the fact is that I love Nigerian men,” she said,

When asked if her heart had ever been broken : “ I have been heartbroken once (some years ago) and I won’t let it happen again,” she replied.

The actress also revealed what she would do if she catches her man in bed with another woman.

“Jesus! I can’t even imagine that but if it ever happens that will be the end of it. If I catch him with a woman I will feel bad but if he sincerely apologises I will give him a second chance,” she stated.

Rechael Okonkwo’s alluring pictures flooded the timelines of her colleagues when she celebrated her birthday last week.