June 9, 2023

Nigeria can overtake USA, don’t migrate, Nigerian youths told

The Federal Government on Thursday announced Sept. 5 as the date for the full resumption of international flights into the country.

-As Mangal cautions youths against corruption

By Ibrahim Hassan-Wuyo

Sir Dike Chukwumerije, renown spoken word artist, has told Nigerian youths that opportunities abound in Nigeria for them to be successful in life, instead of migrating to other parts of the world now referred to as “Japa’ syndrome.”

He spoke while an industrialist and. Chairman Max Air Limited, Alhaji Dahiru Barau Mangal, told the youths that they can become great in Nigeria without engaging in corruption or any illicit activities.

Chukwumerije and the Katsina born business mogul spoke to the Nigerian youths at the convocation lecture organized in honour of 775 graduating students from Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), Kaduna on Friday.

Chukwumerije said Nigeria could overtake America in the league of world economies, if the youths were patriotic and follow their passion.

“It is important that young people in this country realize that, the most critical way to achieve relevance in life is to identify your passion and purpose in life and follow it. If you are following your passion and purpose, you will help to transform your country positively.”

“You don’t look at the situation the way it is and decide your path in life, you look within, identify your passion and purpose and follow it. So, the young people in this country who have the courage to follow their passion regardless of the difficulties, they are the ones who are the hopes of this country. “

“The youths are the present just the future of the country. Youths of a nation are the demographic that have the muscles, the energy and the talent that a nation needs to move forward. “

“Why is country like Canada trying to import people into their country now? It is because they need energy. We have that energy in abundance. Other countries that are ederly in demographic composition, are looking for young people and we have young people in abundance in Nigeria.”

“So, you are the energy and the muscle of our country. It does not matter how much of idea the elderly people have, it is the youth that that will implement and carry out those ideas. But the youths are also the repository of imagination and vision for a nation. We should know that, Nigeria as the giant of Africa can overtake America in development, but we must stop the idea of ‘japa’ and stay here to follow our passion and develop our country,” he said.

Chukwumerije advised the new set of political leaders, to put national interest above their narrow political and self interests.

“They should lead to serve the common good of the people. I expect them to prioritize the education, the empowerment of our people over the empowerment of just their followers.”

“They should be Nigerians and take into consideration the interests and needs of all parts of Nigeria, all ethnic groups, all religious groups, all regions will be given equal treatment and respect as a component part of this nation. I therefore expect them to lead as Nigerians, not as sectional leaders,” he said.

Delivering the Convocation Lecture titled; ‘Addressing Challenges in the Nigerian Aerospace Industry: Opportunities for Collaboration’ Alhaji Dahiru Mangal said though, the industry has produced thousands of jobs to Nigerians, many well trained pilots and technicians were still unable to secure jobs compared to other developing countries.

The Max Air owner who through Alhaji Inuwa Baba, said, the development was not only discouraging to the teeming youths, but also a problem to the Nigerian economy.

He said ” In many instances, the government’s policies play a critical part in the problems being faced by the industry. But when strategic solutions are put in place, they are of cause likely to benefit the people, the business owners and the government.

“The spike in the prices of air ticket became very hurting for all passengers as their was also a rise in the price of fuel. Government’s regulations and policy making will drastically help in curbing corruption in this sector.

“The use of technology, Carbon offsetting programs, and development of more sustainable aviation fuels are some of the immediate solutions to the industry. These can be achieved, and it should be done immediately,” he said.

Mangal, while speaking about AFIT, a unique university which has the singular mandate to train military and civilian students in aerospace, defence, engineering, said, “the expansion of this great institution within a very short period of time, the inclusion of students’ intake to include personnel from the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, various institutions, agencies as well as it’s affiliation to other African countries is extremely commendable.”