June 2, 2023

Mbah hits ground running, dismantles Enugu street barriers

Gov Mbah certificate forgery

Gov. Peter Mbah

By Dennis Agbo

In compliance to the Executive Order Two, signed by Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu state on May 29 2023, the Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority,  ECTDA, has commenced removal of street barriers which the Governor said was among the top priorities of his new administration for unhindered access to goods and services in the state.

Governor Mbah had shortly after his inauguration as Governor, signed three Executive Orders for the effective governance of the state.

The Oders are: Order 001 of 2023, which is an Executive Order for the Development of Citizens’ Charter; Executive Order 002 of 2003, which is Order for the Removal of Unauthorised Street Barriers Across the State within 100 Days; and Executive Order 003 of 2023, which is for the Promotion of Economic Growth through Transparency and Efficiency in Government.

The governor said that by Order 002, which is pursuant to the authority vested in his office by the 1999 Constitution (as amended), and the Laws of Enugu State, seeks to eliminate every barrier to free movement of persons and goods in the state, noting however that the Order was limited to state and local government roads only.

While acknowledging the reason of security adduced for the erection of the barriers, Mbah assured the people of the state that the government would step up its efforts to ensure the security of lives and property.

Swooping into action on Friday, the Acting Chairman of Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority, TPL Chinedu Ozochioke said that the Governor’s Order of May 29 at the Michael Okpara square was very clear and indicative of an Executive in a hurry to deliver on his campaign promises.

He said that the Governor gave an immediate order which the residents were reluctant to comply with, hence the ECTDA as an enforcement agency swung into action after five days of the residents’ non compliance.

“Our action is in compliance with the Governor’s Executive Order Two. We waited till this time to see the compliance by the residents but up till this time nobody has removed any of those barricades and and that was why after five days we moved in,” said Ozochioke.